Welcome to J&V Company! We are a family owned company providing recruitment, employment, job placement and study abroad services. Relations with our customers are built on respect and upholding of interests of each of them. We value our business reputation, so we always operate within the limits of the law. Our office is located in Tbilisi, Georgia. We speak Georgian, English and Russian.


Improving the standard of living of residents of Georgia and other countries by providing them with the opportunity to officially and legally carry out labor activities abroad.


One of our goals is to raise the level of culture and social responsibility. A long stay in a multicultural developed country makes it possible to look at the world differently.


You get only official employment with us with trusted employers. Before the trip, you know the terms of your contract and all permits give you the right to work. We return money if we do not fulfill the terms of the contract.

What we do not do

LIVE - WORK - STUDY! LIVE - whenever you want to live! WORK - choose your favourite job! STUDY - what you are really interested in! We are here to help you!

Social responsibility

We do not send one to work abroad without a guarantee of employment. With us you will never go to illegal work. We do not send to work abroad based on a tourist visa or without working permit.


We want you to bring back home not only the money you earn, but also the principles of caring for nature and a high level of social culture after the end of your work contract.

j and v company about
j and v company about

About J&V Company

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